Online Registration: Easy for your players, easy for you.

How LeagueSheets works

LeagueSheets gives you custom online registration forms specific to your organization's requirements.

No-hassle tools make it simple to collect the information you need from players and teams. No more printing forms. No more shuffling paper.

Make it easy for your players

  • Players can read and electronically sign your league waiver, liability agreement and code of conduct.
  • Player photo IDs can be uploaded and stored digitally.
  • Players and teams can pay registration fees online.

Save time and grow your league

Many established leagues have a PDF form for player and team registration. Players and managers are asked to fill out a form on their computers, print it out, then send it through the mail along with their check for payment. Some leagues require a photo ID that shows their date of birth. For some people this process works well.

The problem is that some people ...

  • ... have computers that don't allow them to enter text into the PDF fields.
  • ... have trouble printing the form.
  • ... plan to do it but get busy and never complete the process.

For these people you can easily offer them another solution:

  • Complete forms online and click SEND. No printing.
  • Players can use their camera phone to snap a picture of their drivers license and attach it to their form.
  • Pay online quickly with their credit card.

League directors immediately receive an email notification with the player's information. Your player and team database will be instantly updated. Players receive an email receipt.

For payments made online, the money gets transferred to your league's bank account and the database shows the player's account is current. if a player chooses to pay by check and mail it in, the database will show the account as pending.

League organizers have easy access to the player's account data and photo ID.


Start registering your players online today

  • Step 1: Click SIGN UP and enter your email address and league information. LeagueSheets will build your player signup form and a give you a web link to share with your players. Your LeagueSheets account is free for 30 days. See our Pricing page for details.

  • Step 2: To accept payments online, click the Connect with Stripe link on your LeagueSheets settings page and set up an account for your league. Its free!. LeagueSheets works with Stripe to accept credit cards and your money is automatically transferred to your bank.*

  • Step 3: Put the link on your website and Facebook page and send it to your players. They can click it to find the registration form.

That's it! When a player registers with your league you will get an email that has their information. If they pay online the money will go into your league's bank account.*

Player data is also saved in your account at LeagueSheets for you to access it anytime. You can also export it to your own spreadsheet.

*Stripe charges 30 cents per transaction and a standard 2.9% credit card fee.


What's next?

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